Giving back


We have chosen to donate some of our rewards to charity and use our twitter page to promote different charity organization. We have selected the charity area of women in STEM, since STEM has a history of high entry barriers for women especially in the developing world. We have selected two charities that we will support as soon as we receive our first rewards and the remaining rewards will be re-pledge into the staking pool.


Girls Who Code

We selected Girls Who Code do to their support and focus on the area of computer science, and their efforts in bringing some needed diversity into the field

Find them on twitter @GirlsWhoCode or at

Org. for Women in Science for the Developing World

OWSD was selected based on their focus on supporting women in developing worlds succeeding within STEM-fields

Find them on twitter @OwsdSecretariat  or at

Helping Hands

Our Charity Structure

We have selected to choose a structure where the charities get first benefits on our profits. 

Below 6 blocks per year:

No charity rewards, as the pool is running in a deficit

6-12 blocks per year:

All profits are given to the defined charities

12+ blocks per year:

Still given the minimum reward from the 6-12 blocks, and 10% of the rewards from each block after the 12th

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